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Appliance Installation

On top of our appliance repair services, Michael's Services also specializes in appliance installation for Phoenix-area properties. Whether you're purchasing an energy-efficient replacement for your old washing machine or you're getting a brand-new fridge, our professionals can help ensure your new appliances are installed correctly. Improper, incomplete, and amateur installation can all negatively effect your appliances, impacting their performance and even creating permanent damage. When you want the job done right, call Michael's Services today!

Our team is available for installation on huge variety of appliances from all of the leading manufacturers. Our appliance install services encompass:

Our expert appliance installers are here to ensure you can get the most out of your new appliances. At Michael's Services, we emphasize complete, correct installation every time! From protecting floors, countertops, and walls from damage during the installation process to double-checking hookups for your safety and security, we bring you the appliance install quality you deserve. Don't settle for a job that's only done halfway: Contact the appliance installers at Michael's Services now for help in and around Phoenix.

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